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 Advanced Signatures Tutorial

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PostSubject: Advanced Signatures Tutorial   Tue May 10, 2011 9:40 am

Hi There It's Pinky (A.B.A) Again, And This Is A Continuation Of My First Signature Tutorial.
Please, Check Out The
First Tutorial If You Haven't Done That.
What Are We Going To Learn In This Tutorial:
1. Liquify
2. Offsets
3. Animations
4 Color Range
5. HighPasses

Let's Get Started...

We Are Going To Use This Picture...
Download It And Run Your Photoshop.
Note: Help Pictures Are Added Only For Hard Things, That You Wouldn't Do Yourself...

Open Our Downloaded Picture.
First Thing We Are Going To Use Is "Color Range"
Go To:
Select / Color Range
Set Fuzzines To "49" And Selection Preview To "Grayscale". On The Picture In New Color Range Window, Try To Colors Like In This Picture:

Click Okay, And Press CTRL + C. Make New Layer (Name It Remake), And Paste It Here.
Hide The First Layer (Background) With An Eye On The Left Of Layer.
Now, Make New Layer (Name It Fill) Between These Two. It Means Between Background And Layer (Remake). Change To Layer (Remake) Again, And Go To:
Filter / Other / High Pass
Set Radius To 250 (Highest). Click Okay, And Choose A Layer (Fill), And Fill The Layer With Black Colors, With Tool Called "Paint Bucket".
It Should Looks Like This:

Now, Set Layer (Remake), And Press a FX Button At The Bottom Of The Layer List.
Choose "Gradient Overlay". Set Angle To "100", And Let Color Be.
Now Choose The "Outer Glow" Change Color To Red Or Cyan (Your Call). Change Opacity To "35". Everything Should Be Set On "0" Except Range....It Needs To Be On "50"

It Should Looks Like This:

Go To: Filter / Sharpen / Sharpen
Now Go To:
Filter / Other / Offset
Set Horizontal To "+21" And Down Mark "Warp Around"
It Increases The Left Side Little Bit.
Now Go To:
Filter / Liquify
And Liquify The Left Bottom, And Countinute To Right...Don't Liquify Head And Hands...Just The Red Part Of Picture. You Just Need To Play With It, To Get Perfect Form.
Now Make New Layer (Name It Eyes)
Choose Your Brush Tool, Choose Color To Cyan/Red (Your Call). Choose A Brush In A First Line, Brush With Number 9 Underneath. Make An Eyes.
Here Is An Example:

It Looks A Bit Funky Now, But We Are Going To Make It Better...
Choose Your Layer (Eyes) And Open FX Window.
Choose All Things To This:

1. Inner Shadow:
Opacity: 75
Angle: 30
Distance: 0
Choke: 0
Size: 0
Anti-Aliased: Yes
Range: 0

2. Outer Glow:
Opacity: 66
Noise: 0
Color: Little Red, Almost Pink / Little Cyan (Depends On What Color Of Eyes Did You Choose Before)
Spread: 8
Size: 10
Range: 50
Jitter: 0

3. Inner Glow:
Opacity: 100
Noise: 100
Color: Red/Cyan (Depends On What Color Of Eyes Did You Choose Before)
Technique: Precise
Source: Edge
Choke: 41
Size: 84

4. Gradient Overlay (Bit Tricky Tho)

Click On The Color Line 2 Times. Now You Can See 2 Pencils On Every Side...Double-Click On The One In The Left. Choose Color To Red/Cyan (Depends On Color Of The Eyes) And Press Okay...Pencil On The Right Let White. Set Scale To Highest. Press Okay.
It Should Looks Like This:

For Red Eyes!

For Cyan Eyes!

And The Last Thing Is Text.
Place It On The Middle Bottom.
Choose White Color, And Font You Like.
It Is All...
Here Are Examples:
1st Picture, If You Made Everything Cyan
2nd Picture, If You Made Everything Red

Oh And I Almost Forgot About Animations...
Let's Animate Our Text...
Simply Write Whatever You Want, And Go To:
Window / Animations
A New Window Appears On The Bottom. Press A Button At The Bottom Right, To Change To Animation "Frames"
Included Picture:

Now, Under Cross Button To Exit The Animation Window, Is Another Button...Unpack It, And Choose "Make Frames From Layers"...Now, Delete All Frames, Except The One That Contains Text, And Another You Choose.
Set The First Frame With Text, And Make There Appear All Layers. Do It With Eye Button Next To Layers.
Now Choose Second Frame You Chose And Make Appear Every Layer Except Text Layer. At The Bottom Left Of The Animation Window, Choose From "Once" To "Forever" (This Makes Your Animation Repeat Forever)...Under Every Frame, You Have Time, In Seconds, Set 1 Second To Every Frame. When You Have Animations, You Have To Save Your Picture For Web And Devices...So Go To:
File / Save For Web And Devices
Click Save And Choose Your Save Destination. Then, Open Your Picture (It Should Open In Internet Browser)...Click Your Picture With Right Mouse Button, And Click On Save As...Set Destination And Your Picture Is Alive...
Here Are Both Colored Pictures With Animations:

I Hope This Helped You Again, In Increasing Your Signaturing Skill
Like On First Tutorial, For Help, Post Reply To This Topic, Or PM Me...I'll Help You Out Smile

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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Signatures Tutorial   Tue May 10, 2011 9:44 am

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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Signatures Tutorial   Thu May 19, 2011 6:29 pm

Very nice tutorial.
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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Signatures Tutorial   Wed May 25, 2011 6:53 am

haters gonna hate... haters gonna hate... LOL. good tutorial Firenze Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Advanced Signatures Tutorial   

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Advanced Signatures Tutorial
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