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 Basic Signature Tutorial

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Jedi Knight
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PostSubject: Basic Signature Tutorial   Tue Apr 26, 2011 7:51 am

Hi There...It's A.B.A And I'm Gonna Teach You How To Make Basic Signature...

...So Let's Get Started...

By Making This Topic, I Want Everyone To Learn, How To Make A Nice Basic Signature.
So What Are We Going To Need:

1. Photo Editing Program (Photoshop,Gimp etc. - We Are Going To Use Photoshop)
2. 1 Or More Photos To Edit
3. Ideas On Sign

These Are Main Things We Need...

Okay So First Thing Is Your Photoshop...

"About Photoshop": Photoshop Is One Of The Most Downloading Programs For Editing Pictures, Because Of It's Unbelievable Number Of Offers And Options. Many People Prefer This Program. It Has Got Nice Effects, Filters, And More.

You Can Download Photoshop
Or A Full Version Through Torrents

Once We Have Photoshop Downloaded Simply Open It. Now Is Time To Open Our Picture
Let's Use
This One
But You Can Choose Any Picture You Like...
To Open Your Picture Go To
" File / Open / (Your Picture)"
Big Signatures Aren't Nice, So Let's Resize It A Bit...
!!!BUT!!! When You Open Pictures, Don't Resize Both Height And Width, Because Your Picture Can Looks Too Much Outspread Or Too Much Compressed...
So Let's Just Set Width To 500...Height Will Change Automaticaly To Size, That Meets The Width°
Now, On The Right Side, We Have Layers...We Are Going To Use Many Of Them...
Double-Click On The "Background" Layer...Pic. 1

Now We Are Able To Edit A Layer...
Next, Let's Choose A Filter For A Picture... Pic. 2

There We Can Choose A Filter You Like, Ideal For Our Picture
We Are Going To Use "Dark Strokes" Pic. 3
Use Same Numbers As in Picture:

Our Image Should Look Like This:
(Ignore The Blue Lines)

Now, Let's Use Tool "Lasso". We Need A Polygonal Lasso So Right Click On The Icon And Choose Polygonal Lasso (The Middle One)

Now Simply Mark Vader's Outlines, Include Lightsaber...It Should Look Like This:
(Check The Outlines)

Now Make A New Layer With This Button:

Now Copy Our Marked Outlines With Control + C...
Choose Our New Layer (Named Layer 1) And Simply Past Picture Control + V...It Should Automaticaly Past Picture On The Place, Where Has It Been Copied...Don't Move It

Let's Change Our Mind On "Brushes"

"About Brushes": Brushes Are Painting Instrument..Nothing To Add

Download Brushes You Like Here

Installing Is Easy...Just Follow The Pictures:

Find Your Brushes, And Then Press "Done"

Now Choose Tool "Brushes"

Set To Layer 0 Again, And Make A New Layer Between Layer 0 And Layer 1:

Choose Brush You Want To Use, And Place It Behind Vader...
This Is An "Brush Finished" Image:

I Was Placing Random Brushes On Random Place...I Didn't Took Care Of That...I Hope You Will...

Next, We Can Add A "Lens Flare"...This Will Make Additional Light On Image...
Choose Your First Layer (Layer 0), And Simply Go To
" Filter / Render / Lens Flare "
In The Lens Flare Setup, Choose Len Type On 105mm Prime...
Then In The Setup Window, Drag The Lens Flare Wherever You Want...But We Need To Place It Behind Vader...
Place It Behind His Chest, And Set Brightness On 120
Set More If You Want...We Have Added A Little Light...
Next, Choose Layer Number 1, And Go To
" Filter / Sharpen / Sharpen "
This Will Sharp Outlines...You Can Do THe Same On Layer Number 0, To Sharp A Ground...

The Last One Is A Text...
Choose Your Text Tool...Same As Ever, This Tool Is Marked As Big T, So I Don't Need To Put A Picture
Put The Text To The White Part Of Image...(It Means Top Right Corner)
Write Whatever You Want Here...
When You Have Written Your Text, Change A Font Of Your Text...
If None Of The Default Fonts Are Ideal For You, Download Very nice Fonts
I Hope You Know, How To Install Fonts...For Those Who Doesn't, On Windows Vista/7 Just Simply Open The File And On The Top Click Install, For Windows XP, Copy The Font To " Windows / Fonts "
(On Windows XP You Need To Reset Photoshop Then)....Don't Forget To Save Your Image...Of Course As A Project
Choose Your Text Then, On The Top, You Have Text Instruments, And Change To Your New Font...
As You Can See, Text Makes Himself A New Layer...So Choose That Layer, And On The Bottom Of Layers We Can See A Icon Named FX...
You Can Choose Effects Of Layers (Pictures, Texts, Everything Is In That Layer)
Now Here You Can See "Drop Shadow" etc. It Means, Your Picture or Text In Layer Gets A Shadow...Tick It, And Set The Shadow As You Want...You Can Also Grant Your Layer With Outer/Inner Glow...Name Says Everything...There Is One Interesting Thing Called "Gradient Overlay"...It's A Multi-Coloring Tool...Here You Can Choose Many Colors For Your Layer...Just Play With It And You'll See...
Here Is A Picture Of The Effected Text...Check The Text:

That's A Basic Signature...
When You'll Play With Effects And Brushes More, You'll Get Something Like This...
This Is My Remake On This Signature:

I Hope You Have Learnt Something And This Tutorial Helped You...If You Have Any Questions, Post A Reply To This Topic, Or PM Me...I Will Try To Help You Out...
Good Luck In Making Signatures

- A.B.A


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Jedi Knight
Jedi Knight

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Signature Tutorial   Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:52 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Signature Tutorial   Mon May 09, 2011 1:23 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Basic Signature Tutorial   

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Basic Signature Tutorial
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