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 Cant get in

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PostSubject: Cant get in   Mon Dec 27, 2010 10:02 am

Hey guys i 've been just studying my study guied and im just about to enter the server but right after that its say server is for low pings how i enter i took all the mods off but still is for low pings can somebody tell me how i get back in Question
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PostSubject: Re: Cant get in   Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:17 am

When that happens to me I restart jka, if that don't work I turn my internet off and on again.
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PostSubject: Re: Cant get in   Mon Dec 27, 2010 11:31 am

it means that you're ping is too high or the server is lagging to ****.

Do as tabby said and restart your net and comp. Then check UU to make sure the server is up, and check the Ping on the server from UU

Don't have UU?

download 16 and then install then dl 17

need help with UU?

Odin wrote:
Okay, small guide about the basic features of UU I use.

First download it from link:


And install it. I believe everyone can do that without help. When you get it installed and you open it you get a small nice blue window. What you see first is Settings-interleaf.


If you are feeling lazy you can just click on texts like 'On' and 'Public' and copy your settings to be like mine. Also if you're feeling lazy just read the orange text.

Power: On
Messages: Public
Kill Messages: Public
Ultra Utility is: Active
Kill Tracker: On
Ingame Menu: On
Silent mode: Off

Power should be on. If it's off commands don't work and killtracker and in-game menu are off.

Messages determine how your response messages are shown when you do some command. For example !time. If you choose console you see responses to your commands in your console.
If you did !time you should see your local time and date in your console log.
If you set private you see responses as a pm for you in chat. Public shows responses to your commands in public chat. For example if you did !time you see your local time and date in public chat.

Kill messages determine how your kill messages are shown. If kill messages is off no one sees anything. Set it to private and ppl you kill get kill messages in private chat and when set public everyone sees your kill messages.
(Kill messages are these "I have killed 562 people")

Ultra Utility is Active/Inactive. When you set UU inactive it disables it, it's like turning it off. No kill messages, no chatstyles and you can't do commands when it's inactive.

Kill tracker on/off. If you turn this on your kills/deaths are counted. If you set Killtracker off this means that UU doesn't count your kills or deaths. It only counts when it's on.

Ingame menu on/off turns possibility to use UU ingame menu. I personally never use it so it could be also off but it hasn't bothered me so it's on in my settings.

Silent mode on/off. If silent mode is on messages go to console, kill messages aren't shown and also the advertisement line when you go on server is not displayed.

Name. No need to touch this imo. By default your name gets auto-detected. If you double click this it opens a window where you can override your current name though. Since I don't find it useful I don't think I need to explain it more. Better just leave it alone ;D

Well, with default settings the Settings-interleaf should look ok.

You don't really need to Touch Config-interleaf so I don't talk about it.

Kill tracker-interleaf

If you want to check out your Kill/Death stats you can do that by clicking Kill tracker on bar above (Between Config and Media Player)

Okay, this shows your kills, deaths, suicides, total number of duels, won duels and lost duels, ratio (your kills divided by deaths) and duel ratio (how many percent of all your duels you have won).

See the 'Human Stats' and 'Bot stats' at the right? UU tracks your botstats and humanstats separately. Click 'Bot Stats' if you want to know your stats with bots. Human stats are shown by default.

Notice the 'Kill Tracker Statistics' in the low-middle of Kill tracker. You can click it and a new window appears.

This is statistics-interleaf, you can see more detailed information about your Kills/Deaths here. Also if you want for some reason you can reset your Kill tracker.

Messages interleaf in Kill Tracker Statistics. Here you can determine the messages that are shown in different situations (You kill someone/someone kills you, you die or fall in emptiness or make suicide or go in duel etc.) You can configure the messages here.

'Variables' right there shows how you can add some changing thing in your message. For example %n means the name of person you kill or who has killed you. You can make message '%n I hate you!' in 'Was killed' section and when someone kills you, you get a message. <Killer's name> I hate you!. For example 'Odin, I hate you!'

Playerinfo-interleaf in Kill Tracker Statistics shows you a history of all people you have killed or who have killed you and how many times.

Media Player-Interleaf

Okay, the view is quite simple. Current song is the song that is playing (or would play next). Everyone know those play etc symbols. You can choose the playing mode from right. Repeat, Continuous or Shuffle.

The most important thing in this is the 'Media Player Control' down and middle. Click it and Media Player Controller opens.

You can change default setting here if you want. Like EQ and Filters. For most people just editing Playlist is enough though so that's what I'm talking about.

Add playlist makes a new playlist and remove removes it etc. With Add File(s) you can add songs to your playlist. You can also add entire directories with 'Add directory' Okay, Adding songs to playlist should be pretty simple task even without help and this is pretty easy to understand. When you're finished with adding/modifying playlist you press that X in the corner.


Okay, last interleaf. With Favorite servers you can make a list of your favourite servers.

Click it and new window opens.

Let's add RS server in your favorites. With Manager-interleaf you can set Server the name you want. For example RS or Revolutionary Souls. In Server ip you write IP of the server you want. For example RS IP is Add it in server IP. Then you set port of server. In RS it's default 29070. When you've filled the 3 empty boxes you click 'Add server' and now It's visible in the list above.

Right click the list and choose 'Update all servers'. If you click Players interleaf you get a list of players online on the server at the moment. Also the list shows you info about status, map and the amount of players online.

You can right click server on list and choose join this server and UU starts your JKA and connects to server you chose.

In Navigation there is Clan Manager. I don't explain about it now. It's quite simple to use if you want to track info about clan.

I don't tell anything about Ingame Menu Settings either cause I never use it.

Duel Music. Name tells it all I guess.

Alles / Reminder list. You can add allies (UU greets them when they enter etc.) I've never used reminders but you can use them also. Well, these things are more like useless stuff. ;D

KillTracker Statistics and Media Player Control are shortcuts to some things I told about before. With Console monitor you can supervise message traffic even though your JKA would be minimized.

Launch Jedi Academy launches JKA.

With Hotkey Assignments you can define hotkeys for various things. At least check a hotkey for Minimize/Restore JA, now you can minimize the game.

Playtime Tracker shows how much of your life you have wasted on the game.

Chatstyles is an interesting thing in UU. You must have seen some people using them. Click the Chatstyles in Navigation and a new window opens.

Okay. Small guide how to make a chatstyle. Give chatstyle a name. Prefix is what you see before your message in public chat. Suffix is what you see after your message.

Let's make a chat style 'Test'. In the Chat Style name type "Test" (without "s). Let's say you want to make <<| blablabla |>> like message to appear. First < will be red, second < yellow, and | will be blue and text green. Same colors go to suffix also but contrary direction.

Okay. In prefix type "^1<^3<^4| ^2" (without "s and notice the spaces before ^2 to give message a little space).
In suffix type " ^4|^3>^1>" (without "s and notice also spaces before message to get it look same with prefix). Then click Add Chat Style. Congratulations. You have created a chatstyle.

Commands Ingame

You can use commands that begin with ! by typing them in console or public chat when you play. Some of the most used commands are:

!mini (to minimize JKA if you don't have a hotkey for it)
!power (activates or deactivates UU)
!silent (activates silent mode)
!ktpower (activates/disables kill tracker)
!maptime (shows how much time left on map you're playing)
!time (shows your current time and date)
!playerinfo <partial name> (displays profile of user in console)
!players (shows how many players are playing out of maximum)
!play (plays currently selected song)
!playsearch <partial song name> (searches for song and begins to play it if it founds it)
!stop (stops playing song)
!next (moves to next song)
!prev (plays the previous song)
!playlist <filter> (shows all songs (that include filterword))
!playindex <song index nmbr> (you find index numbers with !playlist)
!stats (shows your current kill, death etc stats)
!ratio (shows your ratio)
!lastkill (last killed player)
!lastdeath (player who last killed you)
!addallypart (adds partial ally name)
!chatcolor <number from 1-7 or 0> (changes your chatcolor)
!chatstyle <chatstyle name> (activates a chatstyle for example !chatstyle Test)

Credits for that to Odini <3
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PostSubject: Re: Cant get in   Mon Dec 27, 2010 12:23 pm


Big Post.
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PostSubject: Re: Cant get in   Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:34 pm

well I didn't think linking to another clan's site for the guide would be allowed
or I would have linked it to the origional guide on RS or the one on NoX
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PostSubject: Re: Cant get in   

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Cant get in
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