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 Starting off in Lugormod (REMASTERED)

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PostSubject: Starting off in Lugormod (REMASTERED)   Tue Oct 19, 2010 12:09 pm

If connecting to a LUGORMOD server for the first time,you might be wondering : What do i do here? How do i start off?

Well,first of all,you want to REGISTER. In order to register,open your CONSOLE (shift + tilde for console) and type /register (your username) (your password)

Second off, you might want to chose a profession. In order to do this, open your console using your SHIFT button + your TILDE button (located under ESC)

in newest lugormod versions the profession commands are :
/profession forceuser
/profession mercenary

*the new lugor replaced the numbers and now takes a partial name of the profession

Third,you should start doing QUESTS,for QUESTS earn you credits,but that will be explained later on.

By the time you got your first sum of credits (/credits in console to see how many you have) you may be wondering : What can i do with these 'Credits'? Can i purchase anything?

Why,yes you can! You can purchase levels by doing /buylevel and /confirm yes!*You must have the required sum of credits before attempting to buy a level!You will get a list of skills for your character,all tagged by the skill name!

again the new lugor now has a new skills system :
and it will display categories
if you are merc you select merc,
but when you first start as a force user, you must choose a side of the force, so choose either

/skills sith (dark side powers like grip, drain, lightning)or

/skills jedi (light side powers like heal and absorb)and within those skills are options
you can do
/skills *profession* *name of skill*
and it will show more info on them
then to advance the skill
just do
/skills *profession* *name of skill* up
and ofc
/skills *profession* *name of skill* down
will lower it

example:/skills sith grip up

will raise the grip skill for a sith

That would be all,i hope this little guide helps any future player,and remember :
Before advancing in skills,do /buylevel!

Register with a name that isn't already taken!

Don't steal quest rewards (credits) when someone is killing a quest monster! It's against the rules

And as a last thing:
Always follow rules while playing!

Credits : Me and Siebe for adding the new lugormod content!~Cyanide
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Starting off in Lugormod (REMASTERED)
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