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 Custom sabers on server

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PostSubject: Custom sabers on server   Wed Jul 28, 2010 3:34 pm

This is a tutorial to uncover a way of using custom sabers in multiplayer games.

The fact that custom sabers are excluded from using, is that they may have altered damage, length, etc.
There is a way, however, you can get them work, by replacing the default Jedi Academy sabers. That way only model is changed, and saber's stats remain the same.

First of all you will need a programm for opening .pk3 files, which you can download here.

Then download the saber or sword model you wish to have.
For the tutorial I'm going to use this one.

Just like installing skins, put the .pk3 file you downloaded, into JKA Base folder.

Now we must replace one of the default swords with the new one.
Using Pakscape open spartan_sword.pk3 then ext_data/sabers/spartan_sword.sab

Now change the first line into "single_1", then save the file on your desktop by File/Save As and call it "single_1.sab"
The result should look like this.

After you've completed that, open Pakscape, make a new File, then a new folder inside of it, and call it "ext_data". Inside of "ext_data" make a folder named "sabers".
Place the single_1.sab you have saved on your desktop in "sabers". In the end it should look like this.

Now save this new .pk3 in JKA Base folder. Make sure the Save As Type is "Quake 3 Pak".

If you have done everything correctly, your base folder should look like this, and the sword should be usable on server.

Remember, that the people that don't have your sword installed, won't be able to see it.
It will look like a regular JKA lightsaber to them.

Now, if you wish to understand how this really works, open "assets1.pk3/ext_data/sabers" in Base folder.

What we just did, was replacing saber single_1, but as you can see, there are 9 different swords and 5 staffs you can replace.
You can replace the rest of them just like this saber, only make sure the numbers don't repeat. Very Happy

Credit goes to Itachi. I've discovered this with a help from his side... Wink

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PostSubject: Re: Custom sabers on server   Wed Jul 28, 2010 4:07 pm

`The_Name wrote:

Credit goes to Itachi. I've discovered this with a help from his side... Wink


i was about to say you ghey copied my tread on rs


the one i show suck, if you want some good katana go see here

they may look weird in the screen but in game they are the best model

you can try whit other one (some dosent work)
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Custom sabers on server
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