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 Lugormod Series 2.4

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PostSubject: Lugormod Series 2.4   Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:12 pm

Since I've been getting alot of questions about the new lugor I'll try to answer them here

first though check this out:

most stuff can be found there

but i'll sum up the most often asked questions here

Q: Wtf is up with force regain?
A: Force regain was modded to speed up with every level you get, so the higher your level the faster your force regain, lvl 1 being the lowest and lvl 40 the fastest (besides God Profession)

Q: Wtf is with the fall anim?
A: they added that but also reduced the damage that the fall does to somone

Q: Why won't /trace work the same way? (for the builders)
A: Trace was changed to show all the info /spawnstring view shows, but it will no longer trace targetnames or classnames, instead use /entitylist *targetname or classname* to search

other building additions would be

neither are totally functional yet but will be updated in future releases

if you just want to check the changes just click the links above and it will show you all the changes in the newest lugormod.

otherwise just feel free to post in this with your question or pm me

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PostSubject: Re: Lugormod Series 2.4   Wed Jun 02, 2010 12:41 am


An interactive non-player character controllable by the lmd_actor_* entities.
The actor system is not yet complete. This will be greattly expanded in the future.
As of now, the actor is only a standing immoble model. Future additions will allow it to be controlled. For more information, click here.

1 - Drop to floor // Haz no idea wtf that means
NPC_TargetName - The name to use for lmd_actor_modify or lmd_actor_action
target - The target to use after spawning an actor
model - The model to use for this actor // use "kyle" instead of "players/kyle/model.glm"
skin - The model skin to use for this actor
modelscale - The scale to apply to the model // watch out xD
legsanim - The text name of a legs animation to apply. Use admin command '/anims' to find an animation.
torsoanim - The text name of a torso animation to apply. Use the admin command '/anims' to find an animation.
speed - The default movement speed
/place lmd_actor 25 model,jawa,torsoanim,BOTH_DEATH2
[i]Currently, it just stands there with the animation you specify. In the future you will be able to use other ents to command it[/i]

Don't use /killother on it....it makes the server crash from unknown reasons.
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Lugormod Series 2.4
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