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 FG, Building Server

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PostSubject: FG, Building Server   Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:40 pm

Hey, I had a question about FG's Building Server.

Is anyone who can build Good/Decent and are active on server, allowed to build there? I went there and Kay had given out lvl 1 to, Vader, and Sammo, and it looked like they didn't know crap about building. So when I went there and asked, he said "wait" and it ended up being like 10 mins(still didn't get builder) and they didn't even notice me so I left. I just wanted to clarify. =/

Do you upload the maps that are built on it to the main FG server? If so, I would like to make something that I just thought of which would be lodes of fun i think.(Wont say, cuz then someone is gonna steal it)


Nvm. Too late. Talked this out with Joke on server. He cleared it up Smile
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FG, Building Server
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