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 Player Commands

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PostSubject: Player Commands   Mon Apr 12, 2010 12:34 pm

a list of commands a normal player can use on our server:

List and use your current pending actions.

/admins currently disabled
List currently logged in admins and their level.

/buddy [player]
Make the player your buddy.

/buylevel [cost]
Buys a level in your current profession if [cost] is enough to buy the next level.
Otherwise your current level, and the cost to buy the next level will be displayed.

/challenge <'power'|'force'|'fullforce'|'training'|'tiny'|'titan'|'bet'|'hibet'>
Challenge someone to a 'special' duel. For example '\challenge power' will challenge someone to a duel where both players have unlimited force power.

/chatmode <'say'|'team'> [mode] currently disabled
Switches your team chat mode. If no mode is set, the next mode in the sequence is selected.

/chpasswd <new password>
Change the password for your nick registration.

/class [1-6]
Pick your Battle Ground class. With no argument it will display how many of each class there are on your team.

Check your current wealth.

Drop the holdable item.

Get rid of your jetpack.

If you are holding it, drop the money stash.

Drop your weapon.

/emote [emote]
Do an emote. If no argument is provided all available emotes will be listed.

Examine the object in front of you.

View and interact with player factions.

Players added to your friends list can send you messages and hear your friend chat.

Display top ten players with the highest level.

Display top ten players with the highest score.

Display top ten players with most time on the server.

Display top ten players with most credits on the server.

/ignore [player]
Ignore messages from the player. Set player to -1 to ignore/unignore all.

/interact <command>
Use this to interact with certain terminals.

View and use items in your inventory.

Get info on the King. You become King by defeating the King in a duel.

/login <username> <password>
Login to use the name you registered with \register.
If you change name when you are logged in, the new name will become the registered name.

Logs out of your account. If you are not in an account but have admin, you will loose admin status.

Display the server motd in the console

/pay <amount>
Give the player you are looking at CR <amount>.

/profession [profession]
Choose a profession. ^1You will start from level one and lose your score and half your money if you choose a new profession.^7
If no argument is provided, your current profession and available professions will be displayed.

View your owned properties. If you have the right rank, you can modify your property access here.

/register <username> <password>
Registeres your account.

/say_buddies <message>
Send a message to your buddies.

/say_close <message>
Send a message to those standing close to where you are.

Tells you if there is a money stash spawned, and who is holding on to it (if anyone).

Shows some stats (you need to be registered)

List players on the server from whom you can score points in a duel.

List from robophreddev.net

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Player Commands
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